Sunday, 22 April 2012

Okay so I am going to start again with this blogspot as I haven't posted in almost a year and A LOT has happened since then. It seems really pointless to try and post everything that has happened so I am just going to start fresh! The biggest thing to mention is that I had corrective jaw surgery and I think that is probably the only thing that really needs a mention because it was a BIG THING to happen to me and has obviously changed my appearance. If you are actually interested in that then you can go here to see pictures/text posts about it.

I am going to start by posting two recent outfits that I rather enjoyed.
The first is a pink crop top from topshop, vintage high waisted floral shorts and clear glittery jelly shoes also from topshop - I am trying not to shop at topshop but sometimes they just have the dreamiest of items and I HAVE TO so I allow myself to buy things on the odd occasion. I am also sporting a wig which is such a good cut/colour/style and I felt like I was a california girl!!!!! (cue katy perry) The sunglasses were from ebay and remind me of Kurt Cobain too so there was lots of inspiration behind this outfit - the main being west coast america. I went on a 12 mile walk this day and ended up wearing pumps instead of the jelly shoes because I wasn't on board the idea of having huge blisters. 

The second is a black cropped turtle neck which I actually made into a crop top myself by simply cutting and tearing the fabric I think it worked quite well. The leopard print maxi skirt was a charity shop find and I think it cost me a mere £1.99 - BARGAIN! The shoes are some black flatforms I found on eBay and I love them. I also got a new hair cut and I think it looks awesome with this outfit. The inspiration was definitely the 90s and I think my hair style is a cyber goth cleopatra look. I love crop tops and high waists at the minute purely because they accentuate my tiny waist!

They are both on lookbook as well if you wanna find me on there it is HERE.

Hopefully I keep on top of my blogspot this time and post quite often so stay tuned folks, Rosie x