Sunday, 24 June 2012


I went to see Kate Nash a few days ago (21/06/12) and it was amazing! She played all her new stuff that is on the new album and I really loved it. The new stuff is a bit more punk and riot grrrl inspired and it's clear to see it's been influenced by such genres. Heavier bass, shouty singing and feminist undertones - it was awesome and I cannot wait for the new album to be released. Kate's music seems to have grown with me, "made of bricks" was the perfect album for 14 year old Rosie whereas "my best friend is you" was perfect for the 16 year old Rosie and the new album seems to be perfect for where I am at now. 

After the gig we hung around and waited to meet her and it was brilliant, at first I felt a bit shy and nervous but told her how I loved her new stuff and got a photo and a hug! Also got her to sign my old tote that I got from a made of bricks gig and she was surprised I still had it! Here are some photos from the night.

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  1. aw i'm so jealous, i've met kate a couple times and i LOVE her. not so keen on the new song, but i'm sure it's just a grower, a bit like i just love you more. SO jealous x