Saturday, 15 June 2013

Outfit Updates

I haven't posted in ages so I figured I would do a few outfit posts over the past couple months, the most recent first (along with my latest hair venture and the comme des garcons nails I did on myself)
topshop lace skirt, topshop mesh crop top, doc martens and primark sunglasses

fishnet top off ebay, vintage silver crop, black joni jeans from topshop, silver creepers from new look

at the end of college we had a fancy dress night out so obviously I went as a cat!

we finally had some sunshine so I wore a summery outfit - tshirt and trousers both from charity shops and my jelly shoes from topshop.

the sunny spell we had before that where I also dressed summery - crop top from topshop, joni acid wash jeans from topshop and nike roshe runs

vintage leather biker jacket, vintage floral dungarees, vintage shirt and topshop biker cut out boots

topshop denim dress, topshop belt, buckled boots from a market


  1. the comme des garcons nails are amazing, how did you make them?

  2. hey!!! right when I found your blog you dissappeared... but yay you're back! :D I love your outfitphotos & that pink + yellow hair is REALLY cool!!! I've been in the mood for doing something with yellow some day & I love having pink hair so thank you very much for the inspiration! ^-^

    hugs from matilda

  3. I love your green hair! x